Give Me 90 Seconds And I’ll show you How To Use My Truth Seekers Journey (™) To Create Your Dream Life.

Dear truth-seeker, Have you tried goal setting and found it to be a waste of time?

Do you recite daily affirmations that never become real?

Do you listen to motivational speakers only to find you soon lose your enthusiasm?

Look, there’s a reason goal-writing… mantras… visualization, affirmations, and even subliminal messages rarely work.

It’s because too often they’re not based on your true desires.

Which means they don’t have enough energetic force behind them to convince your subconscious mind… that you really want those items listed on your dream boards and goal setting lists.

Now, after reading that, you might be thinking…

“Cari, You’re Crazy!”
Of course, I want that new house… better relationship… promotion,
improved health and energy,
I want ALL those things!”

And you may be 100% correct.
But the important thing I want you to ask yourself is why…
Why do you want the new car, house, millions in the bank, freedom to travel on
vacation wherever you want…

What is it you’re really after?
What’s your true desire?

What is it you want underneath it all?
Because your answer to that question… holds the key to unleashing superhuman like abilities to succeed.

Why am I so sure?

Because the same thing happened to me 7 years ago, when I was looked death in the eyes…

Here’s the story.

On April 15, 2013… two pressure cooker bombs detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killing 3 people … and injuring several hundred others.

I was one of the runners in that race.

Luckily, I survived. But for months afterwards I suffered from severe PTSD. Flashbacks, anxiety, and other crippling illnesses.

I went from being a successful owner and president of a thriving multi-million dollar agency, who manifested abundance… success… and love every day…

To feeling trapped. Empty. Withdrawn. Stagnant. Unhappy. Uninspired. And for the very first time in my life… I completely lost touch with who I was, and what I wanted!

In Fact, The Only Thing I Was Certain About, Was That There HAD To Be Something More!

Surviving the bombing changed me. It forced me into a whole new paradigm as only a brush with death can. It made me realize that while I’d reached a standard of success that others may think of as successful…
I wasn’t successful to myself. I knew inside that I had so much more to give.

And where before the bombing I would have let these thoughts go. After a brush with death at the Marathon, I refused to shy away from my truth any longer.
Instead, I decided to live my truth, without compromise. And once I made that decision, everything in my life shifted.

( As it will for you too. )

Within weeks I dove in and started taking action

I Kept Trying Different Business Ideas, and Projects But Nothing Was Working. Something Was Holding Me Back… But I Didn’t Know What

Maybe you can relate?

Let me ask you this..

If there were no expectations placed on you. No judgements made.

What kind of person would you be right now?

How would you live? And how much more love, joy, freedom and happiness could you experience?

Now, you might be the type of person who knows right away the area of their life they’d most like to change.

  • Perhaps you’d like to have the love of your life?
  • Or you’d love to double your income?
  • Or you want your business to have a massive impact on the world?
  • Or you want to get that book done.
  • Or get the dream house for your family.

You might know exactly what it is in your life you’d love to improve..

Perhaps you’ve already tried improving that area. But everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t quite worked out the way you planned. And maybe you’re taking action… but you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, just spinning but getting nowhere fast.

And now you’re unsure about who to turn to for answers because you don’t know who to trust? Or maybe everything is going well in your life. But you know there’s still room to grow. And you don’t want to settle!

You Want To Go From Good… To Extraordinary!

So what is it keeping you stuck at that certain level?

That’s the same question I asked myself, after surviving the bombing…

That’s what set me off on a journey to discover a unique combination of transpersonal psychology… epigenetics… and taoist practices…

that helped me destroy past trauma… eliminate limiting beliefs… and regain a true understanding of who I really was… and what I truly desired.

Leading Me To Discover… The Truth Seekers Journey™️

So, what is Truth Seeking?

Truth Seeking, is something I can almost guarantee you’ve already experienced.

  • Every time your intuition, hunch or gut feel proves accurate…
  • Every time you’ve taken a risk knowing it was going to pay off…
  • Every time you’ve found love…
  • Every time you’ve experienced deja-vu…
  • Every time you’ve known a relationship or job wasn’t right for you.
  • Every-time you decided not to go somewhere at the last minute…
    then found out something bad would’ve happened if you did.

Work With Cari

What really happens when you experience any of these things is that… you’re getting information from part of you that’s connected with Universal Intelligence.

The part of you that has the answer to everything!

If you prefer to use words, such as God, or Source, instead of Universal Intelligence that’s fine.

Because the terminology isn’t important. What is crucial, is that you understand that right now…

There Is A Part Of You That Can Tell You The EXACT Steps To Take Every Day To Create Your Dream Life…

In The Same Way The GPS Works In Your Car!

But the reason you get stuck sometimes has little to do with what’s in your mind.
The problem is with what’s not in your mind.

Let me explain…

Here’s What Your Brain Does Normally…

The electrical activity of the brain is measured in terms of “waves.”

That means if you hook your head up to a machine that measures the electrical output of your brain… you’ll see it form a wave on the screen.

Your brain produces five basic types of waves. They’re called Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. While this sounds like a college fraternity, it’s really a measure of how fast or slow your brain is working.

Now here’s where what’s not in your brain comes in … During most of the day when you’re working… texting… emailing… driving, or doing anything active, your brain waves are in a Beta pattern

But, if you want to tap into your truth, i.e. The Universal Intelligence. So you can find creative solutions… insights or breakthrough ideas on a challenge you’re facing…

Your brain needs to slow down to a Theta, Alpha, or Theta-Alpha pattern. These types of patterns occur when you’re drowsy, relaxed and reflective (but not sleepy)…

or in a state where a current of thoughts, images, and memories emerge spontaneously in your mind. The problem is, with updates and news coming at you by the minute and distractions and temptations popping up on your phone every second…

it can be very hard to achieve these slower brain-wave patterns during a normal day.

The result? You always feel overwhelmed and off-balance.

This is why so many people live lives of quiet desperation

Because they don’t know how to connect to their true intelligence. So they…

  • Spend years in the wrong jobs.
  • Waste decades building the wrong businesses.
  • Spend their best years married to the wrong people.

But the real masters of life, have it all figured it out…

They don’t struggle, strive or hesitate. They relax, listen and obey.

Even when the truth they hear may seem uncomfortable at first.
So let me ask you this:

How can you slow down your brain waves even when you’re surrounded by chaos and stimulation?

How Did Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Jesus survive
weeks without food?

How did Leonardo da Vinci make advances in anatomy… astronomy… and physics
that were centuries ahead of scientific discovery…

… and still find time to paint the most iconic picture in history?

What did people like Benjamin Franklin… Thomas Edison… and Albert Einstein do to help them pioneer remarkable breakthroughs and accomplishments?

Here’s the answer…

They all used special meditation techniques and mental exercises. And these days, accomplished individuals from every background use these same techniques.

Meditation is the doorway to innovative thinking, knowing, being healthy, finding calm inner strength, and … quite frankly … living happy, productive, and successful lives in this world.

You see, most people think meditation is a technique to empty the mind. It’s true that that is sometimes the goal.

But meditation can do much, much more than empty your mind. Meditation is a mental practice that trains your mind to attain any specific benefit…

Everything from getting a good night’s sleep, improving health to building wealth. Plus, meditation, in all its various forms is supported by decades of scientific research…

and backed up by centuries of real-life experiences. It helps you let go of all the content that occupies your consciousness by slowing down your brain waves.

With your mind clear, you can access the knowledge that’s locked inside.

Work With Cari

And contrary to what you may think… you can do it almost anywhere … even when you’re driving!

But I’m not talking about any ordinary meditation here… I’m not talking about spending hours in the lotus position. Repeating mantras. Or
lighting incense.

Even though I love to do all those things! Today, I’m talking about Truth Seeking

Truth Seeking is a powerful meditation technique that enables you to shut out the noise that almost always Surrounds you …

and to get calm in the center of the storm in 90 seconds or less.

Why 90 seconds?

First because most busy people can’t devote hours to normal meditation.

And second because that’s all the time you need to hear your truth.

I find anything over 90 seconds leads to hesitation which delays manifestation.

Truth Seeking is the single best tool for releasing the power of your mind … and allowing the answers, breakthroughs and insights you seek to break through. And If you let me I’d like to teach you this process today…

The Fastest Way To Access The Miraculous Haven Inside
Your Mind

Over the last 6 years, it’s been my pleasure to work with some of the most incredible minds of our generation.

After a while, I started to notice a common thread between many of these super successful people… The most successful people all have the power to make decisions from their true desires.

They Know Exactly What They Want

Who They Want To Do It With

And How To Make It Happen!

By developing a truth seeking mind these individuals have been able to rise to incredible levels of achievement… in every field.

But, slowing down your brain waves to its most pure level can be challenging, even for the experts! That’s especially true with the stresses and constant stimulation of modern life.

Now, more than ever, you need ways to gain instant access to the calm, all-knowing truth inside your mind.

By doing what Jesus… Benjamin Franklin… Albert Einstein, and many other brilliant individuals have done.

When I First Began Using Truth Seeking
Everything In My Life Changed!

As I explained earlier, after the Boston Marathon Bombing, my whole view of life changed.

My company at the time… even though it was making many millions a year was no longer fulfilling for me.

So I used the Truth Seekers Journey™️ to find a new direction. And I had a vision of
working with people one-on-one… helping them achieve amazing life transformations!
The vision was so clear, and vivid, it filled me with joy!
And 3 weeks later, in January of 2019… I received a text message from a close
colleague asking if I wanted to sell my business.

I could not believe it. I felt like I was being guided by the universe, so I just let go, and went with it…When I heard the details of the offer I sat in the space of Truth to ask if it was the right move…

… I heard a resounding YES!

I then asked if it would go well, if I would get what I was looking for in compensation… again I heard a loud YES!

Within minutes I accepted and signed the letter of intent. Forty Five days after that, I sold the business for DOUBLE what I was expecting! I remember the moment like it was yesterday, I was in Mexico on vacation at the time.

During a situation where most people would be stressed or anxious… I didn’t have a care in the world. Why?

Because For The First Time In My Life, I Was Working With My True Desires Alongside Universal Intelligence…

Instead Of Trying To Out Wit, Out Plan, And Out
Manoeuvre Life… As I Had Been Doing For The Previous
25 Years Of My Life.

So I didn’t lose a second of sleep and the whole sale went without a hitch.

As a result of using the Truth Seeker Meditation everyday… my health problems all improved too…

  • My PTSD vanished.
  • The flashbacks stopped.
  • My Lyme disease, Epstein Barr, Hashimotos and heavy metal toxicities …all which were a result from the marathon bombing, disappeared.
  • Not only that, but my relationship with my husband has become better than ever!
  • We are building our perfect home…

Every day just gets better and better!

And as I write this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this gift.

And I cannot wait to share it with you.

And speaking about sharing this gift.

One of the women I shared
the Truth Seekers Journey™️
Process with was Anna Ourada…

Who Went From Working In A Daycare Center .. To Owning It!

When I started working with Anna she was working hard 12 hours days as an employee at a local day care facility

At the time, she had a dream of one day owning the business. But she had fears that being in her 20’s, none of the older employees would ever listen to her.

She also doubted she would be able to get the financing she needed.
I helped Anna use the Truth Seekers Journey™️ to see her vision so clearly… she could finally understand what needed to shift so that she could make her vision a reality.

She was able to see how it would not only change her life.

She saw how her being in charge, and getting to make the business improvements she wanted…

would improve the working conditions for all the staff.

And how all that would improve the lives of the children they looked after… and the parents too!

When Anna saw how IMPORTANT her dream was to the world. How magnificent it was!
We were able to erase all her fears, through the TSJ and this helped her tap into the power of her true desires.
And now, not only does Anna own that Day Care Center… but she’s turned it into a massive success… and has even remained operational during COVID.

Her last note to me stated…

“I had an employee who has been at the center for the past 3 years. She had made some very serious “mistakes” that could have caused us to shut down. I kept her on for various reasons (she was an acquaintance of mine for years and pretty good friends with other employees)… and I feared that if I let her go, others would walk out.

I fired her this past Thursday and know in my heart that our facility is better of without her. Letting go of these people not out of spite but out of love for myself … and making hard decisions that are uncomfortable and awkward… have been the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

I was holding back out of fear instead of doing what’s best for me. I always thought I was the type of person that didn’t let people walk all over them, and I still believe that. But I came to the realization (thanks to your Truth Seeking Method!) that although I wasn’t letting other people walk all over me… I was letting MYSELF and my FEARS walk all over ME, and that’s not ok either.

Thank you for all that you do and for instilling in me the strength, courage and knowledge that I didn’t know I had. You have changed my life.”


Work With Cari